Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec

Polish Pottery is known to consumers from all over the world. Manufactured since the nineteenth century became a recognizable symbol of Bolesławiec - city located in Lower Silesia.


Our Polish pottery is sourced from some of the oldest and most respected potteries in the Boleslawiec region of Poland. Polish pottery is renown for it’s incredible beauty as well as for it’s functionality.

It is not only exquisite to look at but fully functional for everyday use too. It is oven (Aga’s included) Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher proof so easily fits in to a modern busy life style.

One of the charming features of Polish pottery is that it is all hand made and hand finished. Skilled artisans still individually handcraft and hand paint each piece with the same unique stamp and brush techniques used for over 400 years.

Polish ceramics have an individuality and style appreciated worldwide. If your love is for traditional hand made pottery, we are confident that you will enjoy the selection of products we have to offer.